Farewell to 2021

This year I’ve learned five things,
1. If you start waiting for the moments, you keep waiting for them to arrive. Moments don’t come to you; they are created.
2. Always choose those people who’ve decided you
3. If you can’t give a person peace, don’t give that person distress and leave it.
4. It’s meant to happen, and it will indeed happen; if it weren’t meant to happen, then it would’ve not started.
5. The most unexpected things that happened to you are the most worthy ones.
It started this year with the theme, "Jo Hoga Dekh ley gay" and literally "bhut Kuch Dekha."
I attended a concert two days before my exams, completed 12 books (reading the 13th one), and wrote several articles, stories, and notes. I started story writing, bunked a lecture to save something precious, maintained my academic excellence, started content writing, left Twitter after four years, joined Facebook after three years, started watching anime, and much more...
For me, 2021 was a year of reflection, realization, amendments, and actions. From utter disappointment to sheer hope, from being suicidal to the urge to witness it happening, from leaving matters to their own to getting control of them, from self-destruction to self-construction, ending it with those things that are utterly opposite contradicting to what I had in the start.
This year felt the warmness of victory, experienced the fear of losing everything, tasted the unpalatable taste of meaninglessness, saw the essence of love and hope for you in someone else’s eyes, and witnessed the miracles of efforts and goodwill.
In the end, I will be taking this year’s essence in the next one to come and increasing it.


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Sharf ud Din

Sharf ud Din

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